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3 min readMay 19, 2021

Concept and Plan of Oliveland NFT;

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Ecological Olive Garden NFT

The project is about sharing land plots in Cyprus and planting an Ecological Olive Garden. NFT owners will own 1 square feet of plot per NFT. First phase of land is about 57608 Square feet and will be tokenized by 57608 NFT’s. NFT’s will have X-Y coordinates of the actual place on the land. We will mint 10 different NFT’s with different tree types and stake powers.


First of all we have experienced more than 20 years of fresh vegetable sales, distribution and logistics, have a well researched business plan for planting an ecological olive garden and have a land about 57.608 Square feet. Last but not least, we have a dream to create and operate ecological gardens with people around the world.

Oliveland Garden 1 Phase 1 Land info

TRNC,İskele, Kalecik, Parcel Number: 218 Sheet Number: XV, Map No:13, Title Deed Number:35, Title Map Scale: 1:2.500, 35°20'43.99"N 33°58'36.51"E

What will we build?

We will plant an ecological olive garden with about 1,250 trees with very high density planting technique. All garden watering, climate and pest watching systems will be operated by AI and powered by solar energy. We will use an underwater worm pipe system for watering and save more than 50% water compared to a drip irrigation system. Another advantage of worm pipe is shortening the ripening and flowering period of trees, so we will make the first harvest in the 2nd year.

We will build a seedling greenhouse about 150 m2 with 30,000 seedling capacity. We will grow 10.000 seedlings in the first year and 20.000 seedlings in the second. We will donate 25% of our seedlings to farmers and institutes.

What does “Ecological Olive Garden” mean?

Ecological means relating to or concerned with the relation of living organisms to one another and to their physical surroundings. We will keep the natural and sustainable process in our gardens as we get all needed power from solar and wind. We will use just 100% organic fertilizers, produce organic compost from our garden waste.

In the fight against pests, we will invite beneficial warriors like “Lady Bug” (Coccinellidae) to our garden by preparing environments to live in our garden instead of poisonous spraying.

Another advantage of this method is that we can feed bees since there is no poison in our garden. In the second phase garden setup, we will acquire bee colonies and place them in our garden and we will now be able to produce honey. We will add more beehives in the 3rd phase as we will plant 200 Raspberries and 200 Blackberries. In the 3rd phase we will have more honey from Raspberry and Blackberry flowers.

What’s next?

We will take care of our garden like a baby for the first three years and share all processes and contents with NFT owners simultaneously.

Owners will be able to watch the garden online and also can ask questions about it. When we make the first harvest, owners will vote if we sell olives to the market or produce natural olive oil at the nearest mill and sell or keep oil to sell at a higher price later.

Yes we will decide on this and many other issues together. And yes we will share all profit with NFT owners by minting tokens. We will also have an opportunity to buy olives, olive oil and honey with those tokens at our website.


We already invested 3 more lands in the same area. Parcel 218 is the first phase, parcel 230 will be second and 229 will be the third phase of Oliveland 1. We will establish a seedling greenhouse and a hangar which will have all tanks, computers, office, depot and staff rooms at Parcel 231.

Phase Plan

Oliveland 1, Phase 1 NFT Information

Total NFT On Market : 57608

NFT on Oliveland: 20000

NFT for sale: 37608

NFT’s will be available at https://wax.atomichub.io/market?seller=olivelandnft soon.




Oliveland is an ecological olive garden have target to be the world’s most energy sufficient, sustainable, green energy sourced and green solutionized land.