Oliveland FAQ v1.0

6 min readJun 7, 2021

This FAQ is a living document. It will be updated regularly.

What is Oliveland?

The project is about sharing land plots in Cyprus and planting an Ecological Olive Garden. The project works on the WAX blockchain. NFT owners will own 1 square feet of plot per NFT.

The Garden 1 project is about sharing land plots in Cyprus and planting an Ecological Olive Garden. NFT owners will own 1 square feet of plot per NFT.

Garden 1 have four parcel of lands. One parcel (231) land is for construction and three is for planting.

Phase 1 — Parcel 218 is about 57 608 Square feet and will be tokenized by 57 608 NFT’s.

Phase 2 — Parcel 230 is about 28 804 Square feet and will be tokenized by 28 804 NFT’s.

Phase 3 — Parcel 229 is about 97 208 Square feet and will be tokenized by 97 208 NFT’s.

Garden 1 is about183 640 Square feet total and 183 640 NFT’s.

NFTs will have X-Y coordinates of the actual place on the land. We will mint 10 different NFTs with different tree types and stake powers.

You can find answers to many questions from the link below:


Where is Oliveland?

Oliveland is situated in the Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus near the village of Gastria (Greek: Γαστριά, Turkish: Kalecik)

For specific coordinates follow the link below:


Who are the people behind the project?

@Oz is the founder of the project and owner of the land plot.

Oz and the people working with him have over 20 years of experience with distribution, logistics and sales of fresh vegetables. They also have a well researched business plan for planting an ecological garden on the 57 608 square feet land plot.

@SammySnake is working with Oz on this project and he has seen the land deed.

You can always inquire Oz or SammySnake in this channel for more information if you are unsure about something.

A word from the founder:

“Actually this was my dream about 10 years. Blockchain and smart contracts make possible to have investors and partners around the world. We call this defi revolution. I believe many sustainable projects will follow us.

Eco farming is a hard process and needs passion. Industrial farming companies don’t care about the ecosystem because of market needs. But we put our soul to nature. We will make farming in the partnership with nature just like 1.000 years ago…”

Where can I see a roadmap of the project?

Roadmap and business plan is coming soon. It will be published and announced in this channel and on social media.

When will the trees be planted?

September and October is the right time for planting. The process of importing plants has already begun. On the roadmap (to be announced) planting will happen in October and all construction will be finished before 2022. Currently the team is working very hard on technical infrastructure of the land. First there will be fences and watering systems, after that the planting of trees and berries can begin. After trees and berries Oliveland will also import beehives and start producing honey as well.

Am I welcome to visit Oliveland?

SammySnake Mining Guild community members can sleep on the farm if they bring their own tents. Oliveland will provide a Turkish breakfast with their own olives, organic eggs and tomatoes. For those who want to stay at a hotel, there are family managed eco hotels nearby. For those who want to stay in a 5 star hotel, there are 5 of them very close with a travelling distance of around 3 minutes.

What about the game elements that have been mentioned/what can I do with these NFTs?

In addition to one NFT card representing 1 square feet of land on the land plot, NFT holders will get profits from sales of olives, honey, blackberries and lavender among others.

In the future you can stake your NFTs through the game that is in development to gain OLV tokens (or another token yet to be decided) but all of this is still in development and detailed information will be released as the project progresses. The developer team is working hard and will release information as soon as possible.

You can open purchased packs in the link below:


What about the tree rarities and types? How will that affect my investment?

The plan is to reward OLV tokens (subject to change) to players depending on the staking power of the NFTs based on rarity. Every NFT has a tree type, rarity and staking power. There is a total of 10 tree types, that correspond with the NFTs, which will represent actual land plot of farm.

Detailed information regarding staking power and the upcoming game will be released as soon as possible.

What are the different tree type rarities?

First Presale packs:

Template ID Name Rarity

#142162 Koroneiki Abundant

#142164 Beruguette Common

#142165 Barnea Uncommon

#142166 Nyons Ecological

#142168 Souri Organic

#142169 Memecik Rare

#145160 Gemlik Ultra Rare

#145159 Edremit Legendary

#140788 Ayvalik Mythical

#140787 Arbequina Immortal

What are these NFTs worth?

The value of one card is difficult to calculate, remember that this is a real-life project and all NFTs will not only represent an actual share of land plot on the farm (and possibly, when staked through upcoming game mechanics, the goods it produces) but also one NFT will represent ownership of one square feet of land on Cyprus at Oliveland. Detailed information regarding card rarity and staking power (and rewards for staking) is yet to be released and therefore actual card value is impossible to calculate at this point.

Oliveland is a pioneer project and the potential for growth is massive.

What is the ROI for this project? (Return of Investment)

As explained above this is a very different project than other games in the blockchain space. For the reasons mentioned above and many other reasons related to real life mechanics involved with farming, taxes and price fluctuations of sold goods, the return of your investment will be difficult to calculate until the project moves ahead, the roadmap is announced, the game mechanics are released, the trees are planted and goods are being produced and sold etc. The project is only just starting and investors should consider these things when asking about ROI.

There is talk of redesigning NFTs. Will our current cards become invalid?

No. Old cards would be crafted for the new design if a new design is chosen. The next Airdrop i.e. the 2nd presale of packs will be exclusive resale for SammySnake Community and therefore it makes sense to release a different design than the 1st presale pack NFTs to reduce confusion. More information will be released as the project progresses.

All packs from the 1st presale are sold out. Where can I buy more packs?

Not to worry. There will be a 2nd presale of packs for the SammySnake Mining Guild community members.

The 2nd presale is planned for the end of June.

You can still find a few packs for sale from the 1st presale on the secondary market on AtomicHub:


You can open purchased packs in the link below:


How many packs were sold at first presale? How many NFTs were released?

A total of 750 packs were sold:

150 big packs with 9 NFTs each = 1 350 NFTs

600 small packs with 3 NFTs each = 1 800 NFTs

A total of 3 150 NFTs were released at the first presale.

It is planned that at the 2nd presale around 12 000 NFTs will be released.

When will be 2nd presale?

Will be like 25–27 June 2021

How can I get more involved?

Follow the project on social media:



And you can discuss the project with @Oz here in discord. He welcomes new ideas and is eager to involve people with the project. @SammySnake can also provide answers to doubts or worries.

Oliveland will be a smart farm and you will be able to follow live feeds from the farm as the soil is managed and you can monitor weather analysis as different phases of the roadmap are implemented.

Learn more about Oliveland, get involved, and get announcements as project goes forward:




Website to come.




Oliveland is an ecological olive garden have target to be the world’s most energy sufficient, sustainable, green energy sourced and green solutionized land.